The Vicinity

Amidst a handful of high-end apartments moving in on the trendy East Side of downtown Minneapolis, this client was clear that this building was to cater to a female audience. The appeal of this home was to unplug from the hustle and bustle of downtown, yet connect with the community in meaningful ways.

Our insights included further research on what she is interested in. She takes time for things that matter, she isn’t afraid to spend money on things that provide her both joy and convenience and sustainable and local are important to her.

The final Brand extends beyond the business cards and signage. We collaborated with the interior design team to weave the brand elements into the very architecture of the building. It’s seamlessly connecting with the community she occupies in artful and meaningful ways. Bonus: In designing the wayfinding icons we got to design a Vinicity Dog to highlight the public dog park next door!

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